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These web pages contain the virtual world created by the ever amazing, observant, and humble Peter Titus. Mr Titus is a musician skilled in jazz guitar, and an artist with talents in oil painting, drawing, and sketching. Living on the teetering edge of the west coast of Canada Mr. Titus is a keen observer of all that is around him. This is a place for a refreshing new look at the world you currently exist in. Please feel free to browse around

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This a new site. We are looking for new people to contribute. Talent, skill, wit, humor not required but appreciated. We do reserve the right to withhold contributions we deem to be in bad taste from view. We, the management at Zup will be the final arbitrators.

There will be new features and improvments comming soon. Please send any and all complaints, or ideas for improvments via email to Zup@programmingbc.com

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